learningBOX Ver.2.25 New Features

7 New Features and 13 Functional Improvements

learningBOX, an e-learning system developed and provided by learningBOX, Inc., has undergone a version upgrade, adding new functions in 7 items and 13 types, as well as functional modifications to make the system more user-friendly.

Upgrade to Ver. 2.25

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, learningBOX was upgraded to Ver. 2.25.
New features including multilingual support have been added.
We will continue to enhance the functionality of the system to improve user-friendly usability.

The following introduce some of the most noteworthy features that have been added this time.

Multilingual support (+15 languages)

In addition to Japanese, English and Vietnamese (beta version), 15 other languages have been added including Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian (beta version).

Each user can select a language on their interface, enabling multilingual operation remaining the same functionality of the original version.

▶For more details, click here

▶Check the press release from here


Assessment Tags

This function is designed for online schools to evaluate learners from the following perspectives: skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. Quizzes/exams can be evaluated in tag units, and learner performance can be analyzed in detail.

▶For more details, click here

For more details on the ver. 2.25 upgrade, click here.

LearningBOX usage website is now open.

In conjunction with this version upgrade, we will open a usage website with detailed information on how to use learningBOX.
We will continue to improve our services so that more customers can take advantage of them.

LearningBOX usage site

Future Development

learningBOX major version upgrade is conducted in a shared server four times a year. We improve user experience for all users by adding new features and improving existing features every quarter.

This summer, new features are upcoming: AI-powered facial authentication, open badges (a globally standardized digital authentication tool that allows online certification of qualifications) and more. We will continue to add features to make learningBOX even easier to use.

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