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Multilingual User Interface for All without Extra Cost

Expansion of Multilingual Support for Equity in Education

learningBOX, Inc. is pleased to announce that the e-learning system "learningBOX" will be able to be displayed and operated in 18 languages without extra cost on the administrator's and learner's interface sequentially from March 2024.

Choose Language for Each User

learningBOX will start multilingual service at no additional charge with the upgrade to Ver 2.25 scheduled for the end of March 2024 and Ver 2.26 scheduled for June 2024.

Each user can select a language on their interface, enabling multilingual operation remaining the same functionality of the original version.

This service will help organizations which have clients overseas or foreign employees.

In addition to Japanese, English, and Vietnamese (beta version), the following 15 languages will be added, enabling display and operation in a total of 18 languages.
(*Added languages will be available where admins use in ver. 2.25, and for the user interface in ver. 2.26.)

Languages (Beta Version) Newly Added in Ver. 2.25
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Tagalog (language)

*Entered information will not be translated. When you entered in Japanese, the content will be shown in Japanese.
*Some functions including Dashboard and system language settings in the Site Customizer, will not be translated.
*learningBOX may include translations provided by Google.


▶For multilingual support, click here.

The learningBOX administration page. You can select from the language settings tab in the header

For Diversity of Nationalities

learningBOX is an easy-to-use, secure and highly functional e-learning system while keeping the price low. learningBOX is a box that supports all kinds of learning. We are determined to be the most user-centric platform to deliver learning opportunities to the world with the power of EdTech.

Shintaro Nishimura, Director, learningBOX, Inc.
Our product policy is to "We will listen to our customers and bring forward with them." With the increasing diversification of human resources, we have received many customer requests for multilingual support from companies hiring foreign employees or having business partners overseas. To respond to our customers' Wants and Needs, we decided to expand our multilingual support to 18 languages. 
Each user can freely switch languages at no extra charge from the existing plan. We hope this will help to develop human resources for the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

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