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IT Passport Qualification Providing study programs that enable short-term acquisition [CHANGE x learningBOX].

Providing IT Passport Program that enables students to obtain certification in up to 1/7th of the time compared to conventional learning methods, and contributing to AI literacy education through the use of ChatGPT

learningBOX Corporation and CHANGE, Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Tomohiro Noda, President; hereinafter "CHANGE") have launched a new service in e-learning materials: KaWaLIT Passport x learningBOX. This new service incorporates KaWaL IT Passport, an IT passport acquisition learning program provided by CHANGE, into learningBOX ON, an e-learning learning management system for learningBOX. By creating a platform that integrates the services of both companies, the new service will enhance support for IT Passport certification acquisition for all types of companies and organizations.
KaWaL IT Passport|learningBOX ON

KaWaL IT Passport" for the shortest possible time to certification.

The IT Passport certification certifies that you possess basic knowledge and skills in information technology, which is essential in business and professional life. As digital transformation (DX) has progressed in recent years, IT understanding and skills have become increasingly important, and obtaining an IT Passport certification is the foundation for this transformation. For this reason, an increasing number of companies are promoting support for IT Passport certification. However, there are many cases where certification acquisition is left to voluntary acquisition, or where companies tend to focus on learning methods for certification acquisition, making it difficult to promote DX within the company after acquisition of the certification.
An IT Passport learning program is required to manage learning status in the shortest time possible to pass the exam and to promote DX in the field.

What is "KaWaL IT Passport"?

KaWaL IT Passport is an online training service specializing in IT Passport acquisition in the "KaWaL" (KaWaL) series offered by CHANGE, Inc. to support the growth of young people. While conventional learning methods require 150 to 200 hours to pass the exam, KaWaL IT Passport is a comprehensive learning program for those who are too busy to take the time to study, allowing them to obtain the certificate in a short time, up to 30 hours (about 1/7 of the time required by conventional learning methods).
The course supports effective learning in a short period of time with exercises based on past exam questions, helping students to obtain IT Passport certification and improve basic IT literacy. Expert explanations are available for learning anytime, anywhere.

Four Features of KaWaL IT Passport

01. short time smartphone learning
Using a smartphone or PC, you can study in just 5 minutes, allowing you to make the most of your commute and other free time. By utilizing important questions, vocabulary books, etc., you can start learning with no prerequisite knowledge.

02. visible learning management
The administrator can easily check the progress and grade data of the students. Students' learning does not become a black box, and their progress can be monitored while they are still learning. This allows for support and reminder emails to be sent as needed.

03. both passing and utilizing
All questions are clearly separated into "explanations that lead to correct answers" and "information that is useful for work" to meet two needs: "to efficiently acquire knowledge to pass the exam" and "to acquire knowledge that can be used in practice.

04. advice from ChatGPT
Students can receive advice from ChatGPT and ask questions about their IT Passport based on their learning progress and performance; opportunities are provided to deepen their knowledge through interaction with AI and to gain a better understanding of the use of AI.

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What is "learningBOX ON"?

learningBOX" is a learning management system that provides all the functions necessary for e-learning, including creation and distribution of teaching materials, grade management, and student management. Anyone can easily build a web-based learning environment. In addition, the "learningBOX ON" service makes it possible to add content such as compliance and business manners, which are essential for corporate training, to learningBOX.

Through this service, the two companies will promote the creation of an optimal training environment for all companies and organizations by reducing the workload of HR personnel and providing an environment where learners can learn information about their company and programs related to business skills on a single platform.

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Up to approx. 681 TP3TOFF of regular price!

In order to encourage all companies and organizations to take advantage of the KaWaL IT Passport, we are offering a limited campaign for those who apply by March 8, 2024. Please take this opportunity to try it out.
*Flat rate of 33,000 yen (tax included) for 10 to 30 persons

▶To apply, please contact here

About us

CHANGE, Inc. is a company in the CHANGE Group that brings innovation to the business and operations of all organizations through people (human resource development) and technology (New-IT). We promote NEW-IT transformation business that supports human resource development, business process innovation, and digitalization.

learningBOX, Inc.
We develop and operate "learningBOX," a learning management system focused on ease of use and low cost, "QuizGenerator," a free quiz and question creation tool, and "CardGenerator," a web-based memorization card that can be easily created from text. We aim to realize a world where anyone in the world can learn freely, anytime, anywhere, and as much as they want. We will devote ourselves to product development activities and expand our development domain in order to make the use of AI in learning more efficient and enjoyable.

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