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EdTech startup learningBOX opens official store for corporate character "Hakousa

Character appearances to further develop the enjoyment of the generated AI tools.

learningBOX Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of its official store for the corporate character "Hakousa".
HAKUHOUSA Official Shop


The e-learning system "learningBOX" has 500,000 subscribed accounts and 1,200 fee-paying companies (as of the end of November 2023), and is used by many users regardless of industry or sector.

In October 2023, we created the corporate character "Hakousa" in order to make EdTech products more accessible to the general public and to introduce the e-learning system "learningBOX" to as many people as possible, in order to advance Japanese education, which lags behind the rest of the world in ICT, by even one millimeter. In October 2023, the corporate character "Hakousa" was created.

Furthermore, in October of the same year, the "Hakousa Club" X account began operating, and a series of PR activities for "Hakousa" were conducted at exhibitions and other events. With the increase in awareness of the "hakousa", we began to receive requests for goods, which led to the opening of the official store.

About the corporate character "Hakousa

The corporate character of learningBOX.
My ears are saying "? and "! A rabbit-like creature that looks like a rabbit. They are called "hakousa" because they often come in a box. We have set up the "Hakousa Club" and are raising them together.

▼X (official character is Kosabe)

Click here for the story of the birth of the corporate character "Hakousa
"Four Reasons Why a Local IT Company Created a Character and All the Measures for In-House Involvement."

About HAKUHOUSA Official Shop

Introduction of Goods (partial)
heavyweight T-shirt
3,590 yen
1,804 yen
Phone case
2,453 yen
jet cap
3,278 yen
All prices include tax.

Together with "Hakkousa," we will make the generation AI tools more accessible and more enjoyable.

Easy quiz generation with ChatGPT-connected AI" on the pages of QuizGenerator, a free quiz creation tool developed and provided by learningBOX, is being released in May 2023.
As a completely free, registration-free, and safe AI tool, it has been well received and used in elementary school classes. In order to make the tool more accessible and enjoyable, we have updated the quiz creation screen and the quiz answer result screen to include "Hakousa". The "Hakousa" will appear in a variety of expressions and will accompany users as they create and answer quizzes.

Easy quiz generation with AI! | QuizGenerator(Completely free of charge, no registration required)

What is QuizGenerator?

Anyone can easily create and publish quizzes and questions in a wide variety of formats on the Web, even if they do not have technical knowledge of the Web or IT. There are a total of 13 types of quizzes and questions, including correct/incorrect and fill-in-the-blank questions. The tool is also free for commercial use and can be used for corporate training and examinations. With the purchase of a "QuizGenerator" license, you can "change the design" of the quiz screen and "remove the credit notation".

Learn more about ▼QuizGenerator

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