learningBOX to Exhibit at the "Kansai ICT in Education Exhibition" at Osaka Nanko ATC Hall on July 25 (Thu.) and 26 (Fri.), 2024!

AI assist function for ChatGPT linkage and anti-fraud function for IBT and CBT exams to be implemented in June.

learningBOX Corporation will exhibit at the 9th Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition to be held at Osaka Nanko ATC Hall on July 25 (Thu.) and 26 (Fri.), 2024. We will introduce our e-learning system "learningBOX" at the largest educational ICT exhibition in western Japan, which will revitalize the education market.

What is the Kansai ICT in Education Expo?

The Kansai ICT for Education Exhibition is one of the largest educational ICT exhibitions in western Japan, invigorating the education market. This year's 9th ICT in Education Exhibition will feature exhibits from companies in the fields of ICT equipment, classroom and schoolwork support systems, educational software content, special needs education, security measures, e-learning, STEAM and programming education, etc. learningBOX will be exhibiting in the "e-learning" and "schoolwork support systems" areas. category.


We will introduce the functions, fee structure, and case studies of the "learningBOX" e-learning system, and also conduct a demonstration of the learningBOX operation.
In addition, you can experience a demonstration of the AI assist function for ChatGPT linkage and the anti-fraud function for the IBT and CBT examinations to be implemented in June 2024.

▼For more information on AI Assist, click the link below:
AI Assist | e-learning system learningBOX

The new anti-fraud measures for IBT and CBT exams implemented in June include identity verification through "facial recognition" and anti-cheating measures through "browser monitoring" and "taking photos during the exam," and logs of the exam monitoring results are used to determine fraud.
learningBOX provides a complete set of functions to support the entire operation of IBT and CBT examinations, from creating and managing questions, managing examinees, storing scores, selling examinations, and registering for examinations.

▼ Learn more about anti-fraud features on IBT and CBT exams.
Development of Anti-Fraud Functions for IBT and CBT Exams: Using AI to Prevent "Spoofing" and "Cheating" | learningBOX, Inc.


An overview of the exhibition is as follows *Participation is free of charge.

◼ Date and time.
Thursday, July 25, 2024, 9:30-17:00
Friday, July 26, 2024, 9:30-17:00

◼ Venue: Osaka Nanko ATC Hall
   (LearningBOX booth is A319)

◼Official site: ◼Official site: ◼Official site
The 9th Kansai ICT for Education Expo

◼ How to enter:
Pre-registration is required for admission.

If you would like to hear an explanation about learningBOX in person or would like to have a copy of the materials, please come to our office. Our introduction support staff will also be happy to introduce specific applications and recommended functions for educational institutions.
We will also have useful materials available, so please stop by. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Venue Map

Upcoming Exhibitions

We are planning to exhibit at the following exhibitions in the future. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by our booth.

Date: October 2 (Wed.), 3 (Thu.), 4 (Fri.), 2024, 10:00-17:00
Exhibition Title: "EDIX Kansai" in Intex Osaka
Official Website:.

We look forward to meeting many of you.

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