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The Max Number of Trials Remarkably Increased

More accessible and more convenient

learningBOX, an e-learning system developed and provided by learningBOX, Inc. just upgraded urgently. The number of trials of AI Assist, a ChatGPT-linked function that can be used to automatically generate quizzes from videos and website URLs, automatically analyze report assignments, etc., has been significantly increased followed by the reduction of the price of ChatGPT usage by OpenAI DevDay (OpenAI's developers' conference). Following their announcement, we decided to make it easier for our users to try AI Assist.

Number of AI Assist Trials

Video 3 times → 30 times
Non-video (website URL, PDF, etc.) 10 times → 100 times
Report assignment analysis 100 times → 300 times

Eligible Plans

Shared Server Free Plan, Starter Plan, Starter Plus Plan


On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, learningBOX upgraded from Ver.2.23.26 to Ver.2.23.28. The new version was upgraded to the new "AI Assist" version. Modifications were made, including a significant increase in the number of "AI Assist" trials.

We will continue to enhance the functionality of the system to improve user-friendly usability.

AI Assist

AI automatically creates quizzes/exams, memorization cards and analyze writing reports.

1. Automatic generation of quizzes and tests
AI assists you to generate quizzes and tests.
In addition to the ease of use, this contributes to time-saving when creating quizzes.

2. Automatic generation of memorization cards
Discover the magic of AI.
Memorization cards can be also automatically generated using AI Assist.

3. Automatic analysis of reports
Free up your time using AI.
AI helps teachers to save time on evaluating writing reports.

▼ Read moreの使い方/クイズ/test/create-quiz-test/ai-assist/

▼Read moreの使い方/contents-list/memorization-card/ai-assist/

▼Read moreの使い方/contents-list/report/ai-report/

Future Development

learningBOX undergoes major version upgrades four times a year.

Various AI assists, such as "automatic course creation" by AI, will be implemented after December 2023. We are planning to add more functions to make learningBOX even easier to use in the future, so please stay tuned.

AI Assist Promotional Video

Our Free Plan offers almost all of the learningBOX features for free for up to 10 accounts without expiry date.
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