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AI-Powered Course and Content Generation with GPT-4o

AI Assist Innovates Education and Work Efficiency

learningBOX, Inc. has updated "AI Assist" in its e-learning system, learningBOX, to the latest model GPT-4o. The significantly improved generation capability and speed improve work efficiency, even for those who are not familiar with computers.

Updated from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4o

When operating an e-learning system, it is a time-consuming task to create courses, teaching materials, and tests from scratch. By utilizing AI Assist, the ChatGPT integration of learningBOX, you can have AI automatically generate drafts with a single click. This can significantly reduce time, labor, and costs compared to conventional manual work.

With the previous model GPT-3.5, errors were likely to occur, such as incorrect answers being output from the input information, and the generation speed could also be slow depending on the input and output. With the update to the latest model GPT-4o, mainly the following two improvements have been made:

1. High-precision generation capability
GPT-4o's advanced natural language processing capabilities have improved the quality of the quizzes and courses generated. This has resulted in fewer errors.

2. Generation speed
GPT-4o has an improved response time compared to the previous model (GPT-4 Turbo), and text generation has evolved to about twice the generation speed. With the latest model GPT-4o, users can now achieve highly accurate output without any speed-related penalties.

The following three AI Assist features will be supported with GPT-4o in this update.

  1. Automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and exam)
    Quizzes and exams questions can be generated automatically with a single click from videos, PDF files, URLs, etc. uploaded to learningBOX.
  2. Automatic generation of memorization card
    The system supports efficient learning by automatically generating memorization cards based on the content from videos, PDF files, URLs, etc. uploaded to the learningBOX.
  3. Course generation
    With a single click, online courses can be automatically generated from videos, PDF materials, website URLs, etc. uploaded to the learningBOX, allowing even those who have never designed an e-learning course to create effective courses based on the learning design.

*Only the report analysis supports GPT-3.5.

▼For more information on AI Assist features, click here.
AI Assist | e-learning system learningBOX

Free, Safe AI Experience with the Latest Model

You can try AI Assist with the GPT-4o for free with the Free plan. The limitation of use is as follows:

  • Video 30 times
  • Other than video (website URL, PDF, etc.) 100 times

AI Assist can be used without limitation with Standard and above plan.
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*We take measures not to use data input by users for machine learning for safety and security.

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